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Before purchasing any commission through a widget, contact me first!
Lorastine the Seeker by Otakatt Joel Witlight by Otakatt Rogue Girl by Otakatt Beluar by Otakatt DnD Dwarf NPC by Otakatt
B&W Portraits
Before purchasing any commission through a widget, contact me first!
Carley and Cyrail Portraits by Otakatt Annoyed Elf Girl by Otakatt Soerl Portrait by Otakatt Keston Rough Portrait by Otakatt
Full Color Full Body
Before purchasing any commission through a widget, contact me first!
Fancy Leela by Otakatt Samus Aran Justin Bailey version by Otakatt Lightning Returns: Beguiling Siren by Otakatt Reincarnation by Otakatt Chie Satonaka by Otakatt Streets of Rage: Blaze Fielding by Otakatt Minwu by Otakatt Alina Sinclair v2.0 by Otakatt DnD Ariane 2 by Otakatt
Full Body Lineart/B&W
Before purchasing any commission through a widget, contact me first!
Winged Warrior Lineart by Otakatt

Mature Content

Elin Lineart by Otakatt
Lenneth Lineart by Otakatt
Full Color Three Quarter Body
Before purchasing any commission through a widget, contact me first!
DnD Berserker/Barbarian Halfling by Otakatt 2012 - Amelia! by Otakatt Disgaea: Etna and Flonne by Otakatt 2012 - Sokka II by Otakatt
Before purchasing any commission through a widget, contact me first!
2012 - Makoto Kino Chibi by Otakatt 2012 - Final Fantasy 10 Yuna Chibi by Otakatt 2012 - Muriel Chibi by Otakatt 2012 - Final Fantasy 6 Relm Arrowny by Otakatt 2012 - Final Fantasy 2 Hilda Chibi by Otakatt 2012 - FF3 Refia Chibi by Otakatt
Three Quarter Body Lineart/B&W
A 3/4 shot of a character, usually thigh and up. Done in lineart or black and white. Before purchasing any commission through a widget, contact me first!
Full Color Bust/Waist Up
Before purchasing any commission through a widget, contact me first!
DnD Selene by Otakatt Diane the Wilder by Otakatt Abin the Halfling by Otakatt Corlanthis by Otakatt DnD Misty by Otakatt
Bust/Waist Up Lineart/B&W
A bust or waist up shot of a character as lineart or just a black and white piece. Before purchasing any commission through a widget, contact me first!

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Otakatt has started a donation pool!
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Figured I could put this here in case anyone wanted to donate points. XD

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I am reopening commissions! In doing so there are three major changes that will be taking effect. These changes are meant to make things more fair for myself and commissioners alike.

Yes, my prices have increased. I realize that some people may be unhappy about an increase in price but I ask that you please keep in mind the time and effort that goes into artwork. A person takes time to create it, and that person's skills did not develop overnight.

Upfront Payment
This is something I've been lax on in the past, but no more. Everyone, yes everyone, will pay upfront in full. I understand that there may be some trepidation an artist will take the money and run, but please understand I have that fear myself that someone may take my work and run without paying. It has happened to me before, and it's not a good feeling. If you want to be sure I understand what you want I can provide you a rough sketch, but payment will be required before I go beyond that step.

Commission Slots
This is subject to change down the line, but as of now I will only be taking three commissions at a given time. This may not sound like many but 95% of the time I don't have many commissions to do. However at the end of last year I received many commissions around the holidays and I took them all on. This left me overwhelmed and this meant people had to wait longer than they should have for their commissions to be completed. Limiting my workload is more fair to paying customers, I feel, as they won't have to wait as long and will receive their commissions more promptly.

1. [Filled]
2. [Open]
3. [Open]

Portrait Lineart/B&W: $10
Full Color Portraits: $14
Chibis: $15
Bust/Waist Up Lineart/B&W: $20
Full Color Bust/Waist Up: $30
Three Quarter Body Lineart/B&W: $30
Full Color Three Quarter Body: $45
Full Body Lineart/B&W: $40
Full Color Full Body: $60

Payment Methods: I accept Paypal. I also accept checks for values of $20 or more. I am accepting points via commission widget currently as a trial run. Before purchasing a commission through the widget on my profile page, PLEASE CONTACT ME FIRST. This is so we can establish that the price is right for what you want and that I have a slot open for you.

Anyone interested in a commission may note me here on DeviantArt or email me at Otakatt at

Fine Print:
*Addition of background and/or complicated props may cost extra depending on complexity.
*Additional characters cost will vary depending on what type of commission you're getting.
*If there's something in my gallery that catches your eye that I don't have a price listed for, that doesn't mean I won't do it! It just means I overlooked it when doing pricing. Feel free to note me here or email me about it.

Purchasing a commission means that:
- I must always be identified as the original artist. There's never a circumstance that makes it okay for anyone to take credit for my work.
- You may display the art however you see fit; personal websites, galleries, avatars, printed to be hung on your wall, etc.
- You man NOT profit off my art, commercially. If you're looking to use my art to profit that's a whole other can of worms that requires contracts and payment discussions.

Things I WILL NOT draw:
- Hentai, distasteful nudity, pornography, etc.
- Guro, and/or things of excessive violence and gore involving entrails, etc.


Dungeons and Dragons Campaign 4 Group Shot by Otakatt
Dungeons and Dragons Campaign 4 Group Shot
Coming up at the beginning of June is my boyfriend's birthday and our one year anniversary. He's also the DM for our D&D adventures. I wanted to do something really  nice for him that also outdid Valentine's Day's image so I drew our current campaign's party in a group shot. This took a considerable bit of time and effort and I'm rather pleased with the end results. He is also a big fan, as are the others in the group! It includes the main party as well as a couple supporting NPCs. It's a pretty big group. :V
May Portrait Sketches by Otakatt
May Portrait Sketches
Yet more dinkin' around with May. I tried a paint-y... thing... for the left one. Didn't work. I like how the one on the right came out much better. :V

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the-kid36 Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015  Hobbyist
Happy Birthday :D
Raakone Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2015
Happy Birthday!
hiroshiparadox Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014
Merry Christmas! :dance:
MatesLaurentiu Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you for faving Loxocemus, I'm glad you like him. :)
Otakatt Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014   Digital Artist
No problem. Was a great picture. I loved the detail that went into it.
MatesLaurentiu Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
I'm glad you like it and thank you for the kind words. :)
Zegram-Gharst Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014  Student Writer
If you've got room for a comish, I find myself looking for someone. I'm in the process of replacing a laptop, and the company will let me decorate the lid if I choose. It has to be 17.5"(w) x 12.61" (d). I added an inch to each for the picture wrapping/bleed. My questions are, can you do something of that size, and if so, what's the going rate? I see the Colored Three Quarter Body pics run about $50-60, And I expect it will cost more. That's acceptable to me.

I am looking for a picture of a specific video game character in an action pose. More details will follow if this is possible. Not a huge rush on this.
Otakatt Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2014   Digital Artist
Is definitely doable!

Base of a 3/4 colored character is $45, but that could be a little higher if complicated props/weapons are involved. Then the cost could be even more depending on bg and how complicated that is to do. It's hard to give a very specific price w/o knowing exactly what you're wanting but I do have a slot open so if you're interested shoot me more details in a note and I can give more specific prices. :)
Zegram-Gharst Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2014  Student Writer
Here's an image of the character.…

And a video that I screenshotted at multiple points while plotting his cosplay.…

I was looking for something like... the character on the left side, maybe from his knees up, standing, looking right, firing both guns at some unseen enemy near the middle of the right side. Maybe some flying shell casings coming off the guns? Doesn't need to be any blood, since you wouldn't be able to see what he's shooting at. Putting the background as a slum similar to the planet Myrna from the video would be a plus.

Thanks for the consideration.
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